My original artwork starts out as a free hand drawing using a permanent ink pen on thick watercolor paper.  After completing the detailed image, I watercolor the picture holding the paintbrush in my teeth.  If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, you can make an appointment to see my paintings using the CONTACT button on the website.

Beach House
I made up a rendition of what a beachcomber abode would look like, with woven roof and of course, a hammock.
Snow Victorian House
Queen Anne style Victorian cottage.
Palm trees are a particular favorite subject matter for me. They're varied a a pleasure to draw and paint.
Ancient Spanish Monastery
St. Bernard de Clairvaux Monastery, built in 1133 in Segovia Spain, dismantled and reassembled in N. Miami, FL in the mid-1950's. Amazing place!
Banyan Tree
I find this the most interesting tree I have ever seen.
Two Moons
I've established the allure of the rising full moon over the ocean. What could top that transfixing experience? Two moons...
Chimney Smoke
Greg was interested in the texture of the weathered paint and the feeling of life in a structure seemingly abandoned.
road trip to Guymon
When driving through the Northwest Passage to New Mexico, my mind wonders at the history of this vast part of Oklahoma
Atlantic Storm
A couple of our grandsons visited us and they carried me out to the beach, close to the ocean, tide coming in and a lovely rainstorm heading our way. I loved it!
Alligator Farm
The true , full service, roadside attractiveness of S. Florida.