B-17 Bravery
Amazing example of true heroism, teamwork and great sacrifice.
I've done so many houses and so many rooms that I thought it would be interesting to combine the two. Reading Joyce Carol Oates and John Cheever short stories, this painting came to mind.
Key West Market
Key West is full of my favorite subject matter, including chickens.
Fall in OK
A fall scene from Heritage Hills in Oklahoma City.
Devil's Tower, WY
While I was in the shade, Patricia hiked around "Devil's Tower." A Ranger told me it got it's name from several misinterpretations, from the Lakota Indian name "Bear Lodge" to "Bad God's Tower, and finally into "Devil's Tower."
New Mexico Rocks
Seems like somebody is always arranging rocks, stacking them, outlining borders, and collecting myriad kinds. So I put Georgia O'Keeffe's outdoor collection in this painting.