Fall in OK
A fall scene from Heritage Hills in Oklahoma City.
Devil's Tower, WY
While I was in the shade, Patricia hiked around "Devil's Tower." A Ranger told me it got it's name from several misinterpretations, from the Lakota Indian name "Bear Lodge" to "Bad God's Tower, and finally into "Devil's Tower."
New Mexico Rocks
Seems like somebody is always arranging rocks, stacking them, outlining borders, and collecting myriad kinds. So I put Georgia O'Keeffe's outdoor collection in this painting.
The Castle
A ruin on an island north of NYC on the Hudson River across from West Point. A Scotsman built this whimsical castle to store his Civil War surplus munitions, which later exploded leaving this interesting subject matter for me. After a lot of research, it took me two weeks of intense work, but I enjoyed every minute of it.
Farm outside Okarche
Trips to the vast, open countryside are an expansive mental and physical experience... including animals, purposeful buildings and the mesmerising windmills.
Ghost Ranch
Such an exciting experience to visit this part of New Mexico made famous by Georgie O'Keeffe with her fantastic interpretations of this enchanting landscape and to be able to picture it myself.
A bit of exaggeration concerning moon size but the full moon rising from the ocean is a magnificent experience.
Mansard Victorian
A newer version of the Victorian houses Greg is known for painting.
Beach House
I made up a rendition of what a beachcomber abode would look like, with woven roof and of course, a hammock.
Snow Victorian House
Queen Anne style Victorian cottage.