My original artwork starts out as a free hand drawing using a permanent ink pen on thick watercolor paper.  After completing the detailed image, I watercolor the picture holding the paintbrush in my teeth.  If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, you can make an appointment to see my paintings using the CONTACT button on the website.

Abiquiu Lake
A very magical area, first time seeing this view I knew I had to paint it.
Splitting Barn
We saw this barn on an old family property in Tennessee.
Casita @ Ojo Caliente, NM
North of Santa Fe about an hour is the ancient hot springs. It is an oasis of soothing warm waters and quietude. Many old and new adobe accommodations are nestled in the picturesque high desert. Definitely a favorite place.
Italian Colonnade
A semi-ruin overtaken by nature.
Arches National Park, Landscape Arch
Landscape Arch is the longest of the many natural rock arches in Arches National Park UT. Measured at 290.1 feet, considered the longest natural arch in the world.
Robbers Cave
Near Wilburton, OK
Atlantic Sunrise
This was our view every morning in Pompano Beach, FL. But I left our our building!
This painting started out with the fruit on our kitchen counter. Then I added a porcelain compote from Patricia's mother. The knife makes it "edgy." It was kind of like a novel, I didn't know what was going to happen until the end...I ate the fruit.
B-17 Bravery
Amazing example of true heroism, teamwork and great sacrifice.
I've done so many houses and so many rooms that I thought it would be interesting to combine the two. Reading Joyce Carol Oates and John Cheever short stories, this painting came to mind.