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My original artwork starts out as a free hand drawing using a permanent ink pen on thick watercolor paper.  After completing the detailed image, I watercolor the picture holding the paintbrush in my teeth.  If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, you can make an appointment to see my paintings using the CONTACT button on the website.

Getting a New Refrigerator
Getting a new refrigerator is sometimes difficult in this day and age.
Home Cooking
"Home Cooking" is one of life's new pleasures.
"Horses" I love them, in their own wild areas and near us, with their grace, empathy, and own minds.
Atlantic Sunrise
This was our view every morning in Pompano Beach, FL, a dramatic way to wake-up!
Star House
Built in 1890, the house is listed by the National Historic Register as Endangered. The last Comanche Chief, Quanah Parker became a rancher and emissary of the SW Indigenous Americans. He entertained celebrities, tribal leaders, even Teddy Roosevelt, fed hungry tribal members, never turning anyone away.
Bright and Early Coffee
A roadside distraction between Cuchura and La Veta on the Highway of Legends, southeastern Colorado.
Bird Watchers
Now the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, this has been one of our favorite camping spots in OK. It is so peaceful here, nestled in the trees with wildlife, including barn owls like I put in the tree in the upper right. I imagined this scene from the 1930's.
It's a Rabbit
Dashing through the garden.
Buffalo Clouds
Buffalo are being re-introduced on the prairie. I am getting artistically prepared.
First and Devon
A view of one of our oldest and one of our newest Oklahoma City landmarks
I've done the Milk Bottle from the front, of course, but just like the moon, I was interested in seeing what's on the other side.
Italian Colonnade
A semi-ruin overtaken by nature.
Abiquiu Lake
A very magical area, first time seeing this view I knew I had to paint it.
Cuchara Creek @ Bear Lake, CO
On the Highway of Legends, in se CO, just before you get to Cuchara on the way to La Veta...San Isabel National Forest Rd. 422, is this lovely, high altitude area. Beautiful extravagant alpine scenery in every direction. It is wonderful to breathe deeply of the cool mountain air and enjoy the peaceful music of the stream and birds.
Casita @ Ojo Caliente, NM
North of Santa Fe about an hour is the ancient hot springs. It is an oasis of soothing warm waters and quietude. Many old and new adobe accommodations are nestled in the picturesque high desert. Definitely a favorite place.
Robbers Cave
Near Wilburton, OK
Splitting Barn
We saw this barn on an old family property in Tennessee.
Fall in OK
A fall scene from Heritage Hills in Oklahoma City.
A bit of exaggeration concerning moon size but the full moon rising from the ocean is a magnificent experience.
Two Moons
I've established the allure of the rising full moon over the ocean. What could top that transfixing experience? Two moons...
New Mexico Rocks
Seems like somebody is always arranging rocks, stacking them, outlining borders, and collecting myriad kinds. So I put Georgia O'Keeffe's outdoor collection in this painting.
At Lake Watonga
It's wonderful to be camping, enjoying the peaceful beauty of places like Roman Nose Park, north of Watonga, OK. These aren't my old beer bottles.
Ghost Ranch
Such an exciting experience to visit this part of New Mexico made famous by Georgie O'Keeffe with her fantastic interpretations of this enchanting landscape and to be able to picture it myself.
Devil's Tower, WY
While I was in the shade, Patricia hiked around "Devil's Tower." A Ranger told me it got it's name from several misinterpretations, from the Lakota Indian name "Bear Lodge" to "Bad God's Tower, and finally into "Devil's Tower."
This painting started out with the fruit on our kitchen counter. Then I added a porcelain compote from Patricia's mother. The knife makes it "edgy." It was kind of like a novel, I didn't know what was going to happen until the end...I ate the fruit.
Key West Market
Key West is full of my favorite subject matter, including chickens.
Alligator Farm
The true , full service, roadside attractiveness of S. Florida.
B-17 Bravery
Amazing example of true heroism, teamwork and great sacrifice.
Ancient Spanish Monastery
St. Bernard de Clairvaux Monastery, built in 1133 in Segovia Spain, dismantled and reassembled in N. Miami, FL in the mid-1950's. Amazing place!
I've done so many houses and so many rooms that I thought it would be interesting to combine the two. Reading Joyce Carol Oates and John Cheever short stories, this painting came to mind.
Venetian Canal
Spent a few days in Venice, the wheelchair lifts were not very reliable but guys lifted me across. Also got lost in the fog at night, awesome city!
The Castle
A ruin on an island north of NYC on the Hudson River across from West Point. A Scotsman built this whimsical castle to store his Civil War surplus munitions, which later exploded leaving this interesting subject matter for me. After a lot of research, it took me two weeks of intense work, but I enjoyed every minute of it.
Atlantic Storm
A couple of our grandsons visited us and they carried me out to the beach, close to the ocean, tide coming in and a lovely rainstorm heading our way. I loved it!
Character of a tree
Palm trees are a particular favorite subject matter for me. They're varied a a pleasure to draw and paint.
Banyan Tree
I find this the most interesting tree I have ever seen.
Mansard Victorian
A newer version of the Victorian houses Greg is known for painting.
Chimney Smoke
Greg was interested in the texture of the weathered paint and the feeling of life in a structure seemingly abandoned.
Snow Victorian House
Queen Anne style Victorian cottage.
Victorian House
Natchitoches, Louisiana's oldest town. Williams Home, 1885. Queen Anne Victorian. Silkscreen print hand-pulled by the late Dan Kiacz, signed/ numbered edition of 100 on Arches Watercolor paper. Each print is hand-painted in a different color combination.
Guthrie City Hall
Built in 1902, features all the turrets and towers trademark of Foucart. Site of Oklahoma's Constitutional Convention. Razed in 1956.
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