All original paintings are sold unframed.

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Two Moons
I've established the allure of the rising full moon over the ocean. What could top that transfixing experience? Two moons...
A pair of swans in water, how elegant and romantic?
Alligator Farm
The true , full service, roadside attractiveness of S. Florida.
The Last Ride
Came upon this on a walk, told a story.
Full moon on the ocean is something I don't tire of trying to interpret. I thought it would be interesting with white ink on black paper.
Banyan Tree
I find this the most interesting tree I have ever seen.
Book Fan
I was at an antique store looking for something and saw this old electric fan so I took some photos. At home, I was reading "Magicians and Charletans" by Jed Perl, writing some notes. So with my desk and lamp this became a still life, my first. Reading and painting, things I love to do.
This painting started out with the fruit on our kitchen counter. Then I added a porcelain compote from Patricia's mother. The knife makes it "edgy." It was kind of like a novel, I didn't know what was going to happen until the end...I ate the fruit.
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