My original artwork starts out as a free hand drawing using a permanent ink pen on thick watercolor paper.  After completing the detailed image, I watercolor the picture holding the paintbrush in my teeth.  If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, you can make an appointment to see my paintings using the CONTACT button on the website.

Star House
Built in 1890, the house is listed by the National Historic Register as Endangered. The last Comanche Chief, Quanah Parker became a rancher and emissary of the SW Indigenous Americans. He entertained celebrities, tribal leaders, even Teddy Roosevelt, fed hungry tribal members, never turning anyone away.
Bright and Early Coffee
A roadside distraction between Cuchura and La Veta on the Highway of Legends, southeastern Colorado.
Bird Watchers
Now the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, this has been one of our favorite camping spots in OK. It is so peaceful here, nestled in the trees with wildlife, including barn owls like I put in the tree in the upper right. I imagined this scene from the 1930's.
It's a Rabbit
Dashing through the garden.
San Gimignano
A small walled medieval town in the province of Sienna, Tuscany in north central Italy.
Buffalo Clouds
Buffalo are being re-introduced on the prairie. I am getting artistically prepared.
First and Devon
A view of one of our oldest and one of our newest Oklahoma City landmarks
I've done the Milk Bottle from the front, of course, but just like the moon, I was interested in seeing what's on the other side.
At Lake Watonga
It's wonderful to be camping, enjoying the peaceful beauty of places like Roman Nose Park, north of Watonga, OK. These aren't my old beer bottles.
Cuchara Creek @ Bear Lake, CO
On the Highway of Legends, in se CO, just before you get to Cuchara on the way to La Veta...San Isabel National Forest Rd. 422, is this lovely, high altitude area. Beautiful extravagant alpine scenery in every direction. It is wonderful to breathe deeply of the cool mountain air and enjoy the peaceful music of the stream and birds.