This is a higher quality reproduction technology.  Prior to this process, it was necessary to print about 300 prints on a 4-color press. Giclee prints can be made on canvas or on rag paper similar to the paper I use on my originals. They are fade resistant, printed one at a time, and are particularly suitable for large format images.

Greg's view of the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.
Beaune Market
An open-air market, Beaune is the wine capital of Burgandy, France.
Mary's House
The House of the Virgin, located in a nature park near Ephesus, Turkey, is believed to be the last residence of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.
San Gimignano
A small walled medieval town in the province of Sienna, Tuscany in north central Italy. Known as the town of fine towers, it is a stopping point for Catholic pilgrims on their way to Rome.
Spanish Steps
The widest staircase in Europe, climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and the Piazza Trinita dei Monti Church at the top. Built in 1723-1725, it is one of the most visited tourist stops in Rome.
Tuscan Kitchen
Greg's vision of a fine Italian meal being prepared in a Tuscan kitchen by an authentic chef.