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OK Landmarks

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The old town of Meers, OK sprang up during a bogus gold rush in the Wichita Mountains. Now a hamburger restaurant, the last remaining building in the town.
Monkey Island
Located in the Oklahoma City Zoo, the island was created as a habitat for monkeys and was enjoyed by visitors for 60 years.
Oil Well
A typical cable tool drilling rig from the 1860's until 1940.
OK State Capitol
Designed by architect Solomon Layton in 1914. After 85 years, the capitol dome was built and dedicated on statehood day, November 16, 2002.
Oklahoma City National Memorial
Built after the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building which killed 168 people and injured many more.
Oklahoma City Montage
Created by Greg to depict local interesting places. Includes the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds, the police station, Memorial Park Cemetery, Kilpatrick Museum, entrance to Bricktown, and many more.
Was the place to eat in Oklahoma City, located on the ne side of the Classen traffic circle. The best greasy spoon with an amazing staff longevity.
SkyDance Bridge
Erected in 2012 a pedestrian bridge and a 197 foot tall sculpture. It spans Interstate 40 at Robinson Ave., south of downtown Oklahoma City. The sculpture is a stylized homage to the state bird, the Scissortail Flycatcher.
Skyline, Oklahoma City
A 1985 depiction of Oklahoma City soon after the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Gardens was built.