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OK Landmarks

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Eischen's Bar Inside
Eischen's Bar opened shortly after the end of Prohibition. The massive back bar, a vital part of the history of Eischen's was hand-carved in the early 1800's.
Eischen's Bar Ouside
Originally established as Eischen's Saloon in 1896, Eischen's is the oldest bar in OK. It is famous for it's fried chicken and cold beer.
Flight Test, Tinker AFB
Hangar used to do maintainence on B-52 planes during the Vietnam War.
Hollywood & Vine, Tinker AFB
This is a legendary intersection in the 3001 Building, where jet engines are re-built.
Lake Hefner Lighthouse
Built in 1999, along the Lake Hefner shores in NW Oklahoma City, the lighthouse is 35 feet tall. Called the East Wharf Lighthouse.
Lake Hefner Skyline
Located in NW Oklahoma City, it is a favorite destination for recreation such as biking, running, sailing, and fishing.
Library, Buttram Estate
Library in the former home of oil baron and philanthropist, Frank Buttram. Completed in 1938 the home included this extensive library. This is a signed and numbered print of 250.
The old town of Meers, OK sprang up during a bogus gold rush in the Wichita Mountains. Now a hamburger restaurant, the last remaining building in the town.
Monkey Island
Located in the Oklahoma City Zoo, the island was created as a habitat for monkeys and was enjoyed by visitors for 60 years.