ARTIST’S STATEMENT I don’t ever remember a time when I was not drawing.  I started out drawing to entertain myself and never stopped, and so I think the secret to my success is not quitting.  It is such a fortunate thing to find something that you love to do at an early age.  Having Arthrogryposis, I couldn’t do a lot of things the other kids did so I spent a lot of time drawing.  I’ve always been interested in the details of how things fit together.  To me what makes my work special is the attention to detail.  It’s the decisiveness of ink and watercolor that I love.  And I kept after it.  People ask me how long it takes to do a painting and I tell them “as long as possible.” and they ask me how I choose what to draw and where I get my ideas.  It’s all around me, whether it’s the a local landmark or a mountain landscape.  Being an artist has been and still is an enjoyable experience. -GREG BURNS

Greg Burns as a child drawing
Greg Burns painting