All original paintings are sold unframed.

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B-17 Bravery
Amazing example of true heroism, teamwork and great sacrifice.
Alligator Farm
The true , full service, roadside attractiveness of S. Florida.
The Last Ride
Came upon this on a walk, told a story.
SkyDance Bridge
Oklahoma City's landmark bridge, is a 380 foot long pedestian bridge and 197 foot tall sculpture that spans Interstate 40 south of downtown. Inspired by the state bird of Oklahoma, the scissor-tailed flycatcher.
Robbers Cave
Near Wilburton, OK
Book Fan
I was at an antique store looking for something and saw this old electric fan so I took some photos. At home, I was reading "Magicians and Charletans" by Jed Perl, writing some notes. So with my desk and lamp this became a still life, my first. Reading and painting, things I love to do.
Fechin's Studio
Nicolai Fechin came to Taos in 1927 for health reasons and left in 1933. He made intricate wood carvings throughout his house and studio, and what a studio he designed with those great windows on the north side. I am jealous.
Two Moons
I've established the allure of the rising full moon over the ocean. What could top that transfixing experience? Two moons...
I've done so many houses and so many rooms that I thought it would be interesting to combine the two. Reading Joyce Carol Oates and John Cheever short stories, this painting came to mind.